BISU alumni enter the world’s top universities

87% of our students get higher education abroad

The school offers the National Curriculum for England complemented by Cambridge IGCSE and A level, as well as the IB Diploma (IBDP). Local students may also choose to take advantage of the opportunity to study for national qualifications.

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87% of our students get higher education abroad

BISU is a member of the Council of British International Schools

The school offers the National Curriculum for England complemented by Cambridge IGCSE and A level, as well as the IB Diploma (IBDP).



2 campuses in Kyiv and 1 in Dnipro



BISU has been present in Ukraine



We welcome students of different ages

The Council of British International Schools (COBIS) is a membership association that represents more than 450 schools and organisations, globally

  • Working according to the COBIS standards means that our students receive the same quality education as those studying in private schools in Great Britain

Each receives an independent assessment of the level of knowledge

  • Students pass Cambridge Checkpoint exams, Cambridge IGCSE and IB Diploma Programme exams (varies at campuses)
  • Such assessment allows comparing oneself with other international graduates preparing for higher education
  • BISU is able to offer a Dual Curriculum programme for parents who wish their children to study for the Ukrainian Atestat

Our Core Values


As a prestigious British International School to promote, develop and celebrate achievement


To be a centre of excellence for every child


As a prestigious British International School to promote, develop and celebrate achievement


To be a centre of excellence for every child


A happy environment

  • We respect others and ourselves
  • We smile and radiate positivity
  • We are attentive to students at all times
  • We are courteous, caring and respectful
  • We are not afraid to make mistakes and learn from them
  • We are proud to be part of the BISU community
  • We are fully aware that we represent BISU at all times
  • We remember to be excellent role models
  • We care for the planet


  • We have clear challenging goals and work to attain them
  • We acknowledge, recognise and appreciate achievement
  • We are proactive
  • We manage expectations
  • We believe every lesson is important
  • We take initiative to improve our performance
  • We believe everyone’s actions affect BISU performance


  • BISU provides an ongoing learning process for the staff, students and parents
  • We facilitate learning and discovery
  • We foster critical thinking problem-solving and collaboration
  • We continuously develop our knowledge and skills
  • Our job is not to ‘fill the vessel’, but to ‘light the fire’
  • We promote learning through inquiry
  • We analyse our actions and make conclusions in order to progress




  • We love what we do
  • We are responsible for our actions and results
  • We accept challenges
  • We reflect on our performance and constantly improve
  • We are responsible for meeting every student’s learning needs



British approach

  • We cultivate mutual respect between all at BISU, recognising everyone is important
  • We respect a variety of opinions, beliefs, and values
  • We appreciate and respect our parent body and value their trust



Principal’s Welcome

David Cole

Principal at BISU

A UK-qualified school leader with 20 years’ experience of leading schools in England and around the world. He is a dedicated and motivated professional with the experience to bring about change and the vision to lead and inspire. He has an unshakable belief that the child must remain at the centre of all that we do and a personal goal of inspiring excellence in others in order for them to achieve lifelong success, happiness, tolerance and understanding.

I have the privilege and pleasure of being part of this learning community of children, parents, teachers and staff and it is my hope that this message truly conveys to you the uniqueness of our school and why we strive to be a centre of excellence.

As Ukraine’s most prestigious international school, our priorities are the care and wellbeing of each child, service to parents and support for the community.

Academic results are high and, in addition to ensuring educational excellence and outstanding achievement, our aim is to develop the abilities, traits and life-skills that will help our students persevere with setbacks and positively contribute to the wider community.

Our graduates will go on to figure prominently as leaders in politics, science, business and the arts and so we nurture the development of the shared British and international values and virtues that are vital for them to fulfil their potential, realise their aspirations and make a positive contribution to society.

Although we have had over 50 nationalities represented at our school, we know that such numbers alone do not make a school international. Therefore, we embrace a commitment to internationalism and interculturalism by recognising what we have in common and exploring what is different in order to promote tolerance, morality and a deeper understanding of the world around us.

It has been said that the development of our school in many ways mirrors that of this wonderful country — with each having a long heritage and strong traditions. Now, both are looking to the future with high aspirations and the talent, creativity and determination to achieve great things.

This is a school where we want people to feel that they are valued, cared for and happy.

Learning is an exciting and amazing adventure. I guarantee that you will always be welcome if you would like to come along and join us on our journey.

About school

Patrick Glennon

Head of Nivki School

A skillful leader with an excellent track record of sustainable improvement, Patrick boasts over 25 years' experience of teaching, specialising in Mathematics, and providing effective leadership to schools across the UK. He believes in encouraging every pupil to achieve the best of their ability and one of his key strengths is in supporting his colleagues to ensure that this happens.

Patrick Glennon

Head of Nivki School

Sarah Thomas

Head of Pechersk School

Simon Himbury

Head of Dnipro School


Nivki Early Years and Lower Primary School

45 Tolbukhina Str., Kyiv

+38 (044) 239 21 21

+38 (066) 303 75 78

Nivki Upper Primary and Secondary School

45 Tolbukhina Str., Kyiv

+38 (044) 502 39 09

+38 (050) 410 46 44

Pechersk Early Years, Primary and Secondary School

1 Dragomyrova Str., Kyiv

+38 (044) 596 18 28

+38 (050) 412 48 84

Dnipro Early Years, Primary and Secondary School

39a Antonovychа Str., Dnipro

+38 (056) 767 18 28

+38 (050) 458 80 22

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