Mission, Values

Mission, Values

Mission statement

The British International School in Ukraine is an inclusive international community which promotes lifelong learning, creative thinking and global awareness, in a caring and supportive environment. We provide a world class education which challenges students to be open-minded, balanced and courageous.


BISU believes that the acquisition of knowledge is a lifelong process that is nurtured in a stimulating learning community in which students can fulfill their potential, meet challenges with confidence and purpose, and develop the characteristics needed to succeed as an internationally-minded global citizen.



Aim: To enable students to communicate confidently and effectively in English within the classroom and wider school community. Value: In creating a school wide English speaking environment we encourage students to develop English language skills by providing comprehensive support to allow all to access the curriculum.

Global Awareness

Aim: To empower students to be open minded and active members of a global society. Value: We provide students access to a wide range of perspectives and encourage them to value the opinions of others.


Aim: To ensure, wherever possible, equal access to educational and pastoral provision for all who wish to join our school community. Value: Provide a caring and inclusive environment which provides for the development of the personality, talents and mental/physical abilities of every learner.


Aim: To deliver a broad, structured curriculum that equips students for academic success. Value: We ensure students develop the knowledge, skills and attributes necessary to excel in education and the world of work.

Community / Environment

Aim: To create a supportive and nurturing environment which allows students to develop forms of thinking that embody risk taking and openness without fear of making mistakes. Value: We provide a learning environment in which asking questions is encouraged, mistakes are valued for the learning they provide and ideas are openly discussed with consideration and respect for differing points of view.

Valuing Staff

Aim: To ensure that all staff recognise themselves as being the School’s most valued resource. Value: We positively acknowledge the expertise, skills and experience that all members of staff contribute to the continued success of the school.

Lifelong Learning

Aim: To encourage students and the teaching faculty to become lifelong learners. Value: We provide students and the teaching faculty with the tools necessary for continual success in a rapidly evolving world.

Additional Languages

Aim: To ensure students develop expertise and appreciation of their mother tongue and/or other modern foreign languages. Value: We give students the choice of a language pathway that matches their aptitudes and interests.

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