Parental involvment

Parental involvment

National Child Development Study, conducted in 1999 in Great Britain, found that parental involvement has significant effects on achievement into adolescence. Using attainment in reading and maths it discovered that parental involvement in a child’s schooling was a more powerful force than other family background indicators such as social class, family size and level of parental education and contributes to no less than 10% of variation in achievement. Children with very interested parents progressed 15-17% more in mathematics and reading between ages 11-16.

To achieve high results at school it is essential that we have close cooperation of three parties: teachers, students and parents. That is why at the British International School in Ukraine we expect high level of parental involvement in the schooling.

International curriculum, methods of assessment, teachers’ work and behaviour rules at the British International School in Ukraine are different from typical Ukrainian schools. For this reason it is important that parents understand the differences, cooperate with the school and make their valuable contribution into their children’s success.

What can you as parents do:

  • Communicate with teachers and school management team. Every day you can contact any teacher who works with your child and discuss the questions you have. Whether you don’t fully understand the curriculum or the assessment system, or you are not sure what exactly you can do to help your child, or you have suggestions as to things that could be done differently – feel free to call or email us.
  • Follow the learning process of your child. Every teacher has an online blog of his work with his class, where he puts lessons plans, homework etc. These blogs are available to all the parents. Read them, discuss them with your child or teacher.
  • Participate in the school’s activities. There are so many activities happening at school that students take active part in preparing, organizing and conducting. This is a very important part in the overall learning process. Parents can help children with planning, finding the right resources, preparing costumes, decorations or other things and of course attend school activities and events and actively participate.
  • Participate in the assessment process. The school uses a number of tool to report  on student progress: Parent Teacher Information Evenings, Portfolios, Reports, conferences, exhibitions. It is of vital importance that parents participate in these meetings and analyse formal reports. It can greatly benefit their children’s results.
  • Help children follow school rules and policies. There are a number of rules that regulate all spheres of school life – from behaviour to use of cell phones to use of school uniform. The rules are expected to be followed in order to ensure the smooth and efficient running of the British International School. For example parents must understand that for us to deliver the best education possible for your child then an essential agreement must exist that all children should be on time for school. Traffic and ‘sleeping in’ are not considered acceptable reasons. Regular nonattendance or being away from school may also well affect children’s ability to keep up with what is happening in the class, along with their ability to learn.
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