Age Placement

Age placement for Years 7–13 is made according to the September 1st cut-off date. The age and grade placement categories are as follows:


Entering Year Group Age by August 31st
Year 7  11
Year 8  12
Year 9  13
Year 10  14
Year 11  15
Year 12  16
Year 13  17

Age placement for Secondary School is almost always according to the above protocol. At the discretion of the Principal, exceptions may be made if a student is already established in an equivalent class in another school system (for example, students transferring from schools in the Southern Hemisphere) and is considered able to access the relevant British International School in Ukraine curriculum for the year group.

Language Proficiency

Years 7-9 students are expected to have sufficient competency in English in order to benefit from our academic programmes. Should we have some concern regarding an applicant’s ability to access the curriculum, we test their level of English, and if necessary the school will consider options which would allow the child to receive additional English as additional language support within the school.

During Years 10-11 we offer challenging academic programmes geared towards students who are planning to go on to college or university in Europe, North America and other areas of the world. At this level, students must have a fairly high degree of competency in English. All students applying to Secondary School must provide school records for the previous two academic years and/or other documentation regarding their level of English language proficiency. They may also be asked to take an academic assessment test. Provided academic ability is evidenced, the school will consider options which would allow the child to receive additional English as additional language support within the school.

Screening and Interviews

Children applying for admission to Years 7-9 as well as Years 10-132 are required to have a formal interview, which should be done with at least one of the the child’s parents/guardians. As part of the interview process the applicant will be required to take a formal test in both English and mathematics. In reviewing an applicant’s eligibility we look at his/her school records in instances in which we have some question regarding the applicant’s ability to access the curriculum. 

With the advanced level of the education program in Years 10-13 it may be deemed that the child may not enter the school if it is felt that their English language skills will make it impossible to access the exams that would follow.

The School requires that international students coming from outside the borders of Ukraine that is not from a Russian speaking country have the student records written in English or translated into English from the applicant’s previous school before any student is accepted. These records may include reports, transcripts, and results of standardised tests, any reports by a counsellor or psychologist and recommendations. The School reserves the right to contact the applicant’s previous school prior to acceptance.

Other Entry Requirements

Class organisation. Our classes from Years 7 to 11 are limited to 20 pupils per class. The maximum IB Diploma class size will be 15. When these numbers are reached a waiting list system will apply.  However, the school reserves the right to allow one additional member in any class from reception upwards if the child seeking a place comes from a native English speaking and/or international family.

Special Needs. Applicants with mild social/emotional issues, learning difficulties or other special needs are referred to our Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO) for evaluation. The decision to admit the child will be made by the Principal based on the recommendation of the SENCO. Unfortunately the school does not have the required facilities for wheelchair-users.

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