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The Dnipro Campus welcomes young people from 318 years of age and offers a full programme of early years, primary and secondary education.

Starting from Year 2, students usually follow our Ukrainian Programme as part of our unique Dual Curriculum offer or else take part in our full international programme.

From Nursery to Year 6, all students follow the English National Curriculum; in Years 79, they study the National Key Stage 3 Curriculum; in Years 10 and 11 (Key Stage 4), students are prepared for the Cambridge IGCSE exams*.

In Year 12, students prepare for the Ukrainian Atestat and for the IELTS academic or general examinations.

*The Dnipro Campus is a Cambridge authorised exam centre where students can be assessed using the Cambridge Checkpoint exams and the Cambridge IGCSE exams.

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Christmas Concert 2021

Fri , 17.12.2021

Pattern Day

Fri , 12.11.2021

Creepy Friday

Fri , 29.10.2021

Teacher's Day

Fri , 1.10.2021

World Animal Day

Sun , 26.09.2021

1 September: BISU Reopens its Doors

Wed , 1.09.2021

Teddy Bear Picnic

Wed , 9.06.2021

Animal Day

Wed , 30.09.2020

Halloween Сelebration

Th , 29.10.2020

Year 2, 'Habitat in a Box' Project

Th , 12.11.2020

Christmas Jumper Day

Th , 17.12.2020


Dnipro Early Years, Primary and Secondary School

39a Antonovychа Str., Dnipro

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The British International School, Dnipro is a good education for children

School marks the beginning for obtaining a good education at university and making a career. We face today’s realities showing that without impeccable knowledge of English it is difficult to succeed. Of course, you can learn it being an adult, but it is the best to earn the necessary knowledge while still a child, so the British school in Dnipro is perfect for this aim. 

Education at the international level, all-rounded development of a child -these are not all the advantages of the international school.  

You only have to choose one of the decent options.

What are the features of the British International School, Dnipro? 

From the name of the institution, you can understand that here special attention is paid to the in-depth study of the English language. To be more precise, the instruction is conducted in English. This is ideal for those who want to continue their studies abroad.

Modern British school is intended for children of different ages: 

  • From a kindergarten (the Nursery and Reception groups) up to Year 6, children study according to the British National Curriculum. Also, from Year 2 of the International Programme, children are taught all appropriate Ukrainian Programme courses. 
  • In Years 7-9, students are taught according to the National Curriculum of England. 
  • In Years 10-11, students prepare to take the Cambridge International Certificates of Incomplete Secondary Education.
  • In Year 12, students who have chosen to study the Ukrainian Programme courses, take the Ukrainian Atestat as well. 

Education in a British school opens the way to prestigious universities around the world. 

The comprehensive approach to learning allows not only to give a child knowledge, but also to reveal their talent and acquire important skills.

What are the advantages of the British International School, Dnipro?

Many people ask why an ordinary gymnasium with in-depth study of foreign languages doesn’t suit. They create all conditions for children too, although the price is much lower. And it’s important to understand the difference.

If you choose a British school in Dnipro, you gain many positive points:

  • Education at the highest level allows your child to have an international certificate which opens the way to entry into top world’s universities. In addition, the road to the Ukrainian universities will not be closed as the alumni receive the Ukrainian Atestat as well. 
  • The school is open for children aged 3 to 18. Each student is supported and comforted to learn and enjoy extracurricular activities. 
  • Positive behaviour, friendly environment, mutual respect – these are not all the principles of a successful community.

Thanks to the competent approach to education and upbringing, the British International School, Dnipro is perfect for your child. 

How to choose a school?

Nowadays, you can easily find an appropriate school for your child. The main thing is to consider some important features, and everything will work out. Many private schools-lyceums in Dnipro meet the high criteria, but you need to decide the best.

The British International School, Dnipro is a great institution providing the necessary knowledge and life skills. They will allow in the future to enter a prestigious university and get a good profession. 

There are other strengths: 

  • Children aged 3 to 18 can study here.
  • The opportunity to obtain both an internationally recognised certificate and the Ukrainian Atestat.
  • Individual approach to each student.
  • Developing skill set to advance future career. 

Provide a child with a good education that will help them later in life.

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