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Dnipro Kindergarten

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We take care of personal, social and health education of every child


We equip our students with the knowledge and skills necessary to make safe, informed decisions. Using the skills of working in groups, listening to others, and enabling people to have a voice whether orally or in writing the students develop empathy for others and understanding of themselves.
  • Students participate in the governance of the school community through serving on the Student Council
  • Develop their personal styles of leadership
  • Learn to cooperate with others
  • Formulate reasoned arguments
  • Undertake a range of clerical responsibilities
  • Prepare to become active and informed citizens of the International communities they live in



years old

All children applying for admission to Nursery and Primary School are asked to come to the school for an interview. They can be admitted regardless of their level of English proficiency.


years old

To benefit from our academic programmes students are expected to have sufficient competency in English.


years old

Children applying for admission to Years 7–13 are required to have a formal interview and take a formal English language test.

BISU PE admission

School programme

We offer the world-renowned British Curriculum complemented by an optional Ukrainian programme for local students

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School Life

Congratulations on the start of the new school year!

Today, on 1st September, our schools in Kyiv and Dnipro opened their doors to warmly welcome new and returning students. It was a wonderful gathering and celebration for all of us!


Global Connections

41st COBIS Annual Conference

Congratulations to our partners King’s InterHigh on winning Supporting Associate of the Year Award 2023!



A School Year Amid Ongoing War

A year on from russia’s full-scale military invasion, the spirit and resolve of Ukraine and its people stays unbroken, despite the significant loss of life and destruction of infrastructure. Their firm response to this unprovoked, barbaric aggression is a source of inspiration for many around the world, demonstrating the power of courage, resilience, and commitment to national sovereignty and independence. 


Social Initiatives

Music Inspires Ukrainian Defenders

A BISU music teacher supports Ukrainian soldiers and raises their morale on the frontlines with various performances




Being a British International School, BISU was set up in Ukraine 25 years ago and BISU continues to stand with Ukraine.


Online Education

1 Verkhohliada Andriia (former Drahomyrova) Str., Kyiv

+38 (044) 596 18 28

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Pechersk Kindergarten

1 Verkhohliada Andriia (former Drahomyrova) Street, Kyiv

+38 (044) 596 18 28

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Pechersk Primary and Secondary School

1 Verkhohliada Andriia (former Drahomyrova) Street, Kyiv

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Nivki Kindergarten

45 Danylevycha Vasylia Street (former Tolbukhina), Kyiv

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Nivki Primary and Secondary School

45 Danylevycha Vasylia (former Tolbukhina) Street, Kyiv

+38 (044) 502 39 09

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Dnipro Kindergarten

39a Antonovychа Str., Dnipro

+38 (056) 767 18 28

+38 (050) 458 80 22

Dnipro Primary and Secondary School

39a Antonovychа Str., Dnipro

+38 (056) 767 18 28

+38 (050) 458 80 22

External Education

1 Verkhohliada Andriia (former Drahomyrova) Street, Kyiv

+38 (044) 596 18 28

+38 (050) 412 48 84


As your child grows older and a time of active learning has begun, parents are thinking about their child’s future. A private kindergarten is a reality of today’s times and an opportunity for the diverse development of a child. One of the basic principles of conscious parenthood is to make sure that your child has enough time for leisure activities. It is important not to forget the constant learning of the world and the teaching of new skills and abilities.

As a child grows up and starts learning actively, parents naturally start thinking about their child’s future. Private kindergartens are available nowadays, providing a great opportunity for a child’s well-rounded development. A key principle of responsible parenting is to ensure your child has time for leisure activities/ But don’t forget about continuous learning, introducing new skills, and exploring the world together. 

Private kindergarten in Dnipro

Public preschools in Dnepr can not always provide services that meet parental expectations. There are large, overcrowded groups, which makes it impossible to provide enough attention to each child. The disadvantages also include inadequate education in such kindergartens. In big cities, there is also a waiting list for places in municipal kindergartens from birth.

Your child will want to return to a private kindergarten to socialise with his or her peers. He or she will be able to relax, gain knowledge, skills and basic development in an interesting and often unconventional playful way. This kind of facility focuses on active recreation and fosters a love of sports. It is cosy, and the teachers, tutors, and staff give each child a piece of their soul’s warmth. That is why many people prefer a private kindergarten. What are the advantages of such a preschool? Let’s look at the details below.

Public preschools in Dnipro may not always meet parental expectations. They often have large, overcrowded groups, which means that each child doesn’t receive enough individual attention. These kindergartens also have shortcomings in terms of education. In big cities, there is often a waiting list for spots in public kindergartens from the time a child is born.

In contrast, private kindergartens offer a place where your child can socialise with peers and enjoy a relaxed environment. They provide opportunities for learning, skill development, and overall growth in an interesting and playful way, often using unconventional methods. These kindergartens prioritise active recreation and foster a love for sports. They create a cosy atmosphere, and the teachers and staff genuinely care for each child, offering warmth and support. That’s why many people prefer private kindergartens. Let’s explore the advantages of such preschools in more detail.

Advantages of a private kindergarten

There is an amazing institution in Dnieper, which teaches children from 3 to 18 years. The British International School, Ukraine (BISU) is an exclusive professional institution with worldwide recognition, our school operates in Ukraine only. From the early years to graduation pupils receive dual education, British and Ukrainian curricula.

The British International School, Ukraine in Dnipro educates children aged 3 to 18. It’s a highly regarded school, a member of the Council of British International schools, that follows the National Curriculum for England. From an early age until graduation, students receive a comprehensive education that combines British, international, and Ukrainian academic programmes.

  1. Bilingual education
  2. Use of various methods and technologies of education, development and upbringing (Maria Montessori, Glenn Doman, elements of Waldorf pedagogy, methods of M. Zaitsev, Nikitiny’s ideas)
  3. A well-equipped entertainment area, both indoors and outdoors

Our kindergarten offers bilingual education, using a variety of teaching methods and technologies for development and nurturing. We draw inspiration from renowned educators like Maria Montessori, Glenn Doman, and incorporate elements of Waldorf pedagogy, M. Zaitsev’s methods, and Nikitiny’s ideas.

We provide a well-equipped entertainment area, both indoors and outdoors, to ensure a stimulating and enjoyable learning environment for your child.

The output is a variety of subjects which prepare the child for entering a higher education institution, fluency in English, working independently and integrating into a group. Balanced, holistic learning can take place in the classroom or online. BISU qualifications allow you to easily apply to top international colleges and universities, including Oxford. 

Education starts at the first level – British School Nursery School. Here the conditions for mastering learning materials, studying English and basics of logic are created. Teachers develop humanities, ability to think artistically, to see beauty, and to imagine. All of this is done unobtrusively, unnoticeably for the pupil, and often in the form of a game. But the result surpasses all expectations.

By the age of 6 your child will be educated to take the entrance exams to a British school.

Our school offers a wide range of subjects that prepare children for higher education, fluency in English, independent work, and integration into groups. We provide a balanced and holistic learning experience, whether in the classroom or online. BISU qualifications enable seamless applications to top international colleges and universities, including Oxford.

Education begins at BISU Kindergarten, where children learn study materials, English, and basic logic in a supportive environment. Teachers foster humanities, artistic thinking, appreciation of beauty, and imagination, often through enjoyable activities and games. The results are impressive, and by age 6, your child will be well-prepared to enter BISU Primary school.

Reasons to choose a private kindergarten

A BISU nursery will prepare the future first-grader flawlessly for entry to first grade. Children will learn:

  • how to adapt quickly in a group;
  • the ability to switch quickly between tasks;
  • logical thinking;
  • how to participate in the life of a micro-team;
  • The ability to argue a point of view;
  • sufficient level of English to get into a British school.

BISU Kindergarten will effectively prepare children for Year 1 by teaching them important skills. They will learn to:

  • Adjust quickly in a group.
  • Switch between tasks easily.
  • Think logically.
  • Engage in micro-team activities.
  • Present and defend their opinions.
  • Attain the required English level for a British primary school.

Of course it is possible to start school without going to nursery school, but experts advise to socialise your child earlier, to prepare him/her for school requirements. Then your child will be in a familiar environment and can even be in the same class with friends from nursery school.

Starting school without attending Kindergarten is possible, but experts recommend socialising your child early to prepare them for school. This way, your child will be familiar with the environment and might even have friends from Kindergarten in the same class.

What to consider when choosing a private kindergarten in Dnipro?

When choosing a private kindergarten in Dnepr, you should pay attention not only to the convenient location and location of the institution. Pre-school should have a license to conduct educational activities, to use the services of a security organization, to have staff, staffed by professional teachers and specialists.

When choosing a private kindergarten in Dnipro, consider more than just the convenient location. Look for an institution that is licensed for education, has security services, and employs qualified teachers and specialists.

Experts advise to pay attention to these key parameters when choosing an institution:

  1. Attention to everyone. The child should be treated with respect, and an individual approach should be applied in the upbringing of the child. If psychologists, educators, teachers, speech therapists and other specialists pay attention to each child, the child adapts quickly in the new place, his personal qualities and strengths of character are successfully revealed.
  2. Delicious and healthy meals. Children must like the food, and the food must be of the highest quality, fresh and wholesome. Menus are designed with the age of the child in mind.
  3. Learning features. This includes all aspects of quality pre-school education:
  • a progressive approach to learning;
  • Non-standard, creative teaching methods;
  • Foreign language learning.

The best option is a synthesis of domestic and foreign school curricula.

Experts recommend considering these important factors when choosing an institution:

  • Individual attention: Make sure the child is treated with respect and receives personalised care from psychologists, educators, teachers, speech therapists, and other specialists. This helps the child adapt quickly and discover their unique qualities and strengths.
  • Nutritious meals: Check that the food is of high quality, fresh, and nutritious, and that the menu is age-appropriate.
  • Learning approach: Look for a kindergarten that offers a progressive approach to learning, creative teaching methods, and foreign language education. 

An ideal option combines elements from both local and international curricula.

What are the requirements for enrolling in a private kindergarten in Dnipro?

To enter a private kindergarten, you need your child’s birth certificate and medical card. After a successful interview, an agreement with the educational institution is signed. It details the basic rights, responsibilities of the parties, the features of further education, the timing and cost of payment. Please note that your child must be at least 3 years old at the moment of enrolment.

To enroll your child in a private kindergarten, you’ll need their birth certificate and medical card. Once you pass the interview, you’ll sign an agreement with the kindergarten. This agreement outlines the rights, responsibilities, education specifics, payment details, and schedules. Keep in mind that your child should be at least 3 years old when enrolling.

Why choose a private full-day kindergarten at British International School? 

We’ve already talked about the benefits of private nursery school above. If you want your child to come to kindergarten happily, to develop faster than their peers and to grow into a versatile, strong individual, this is definitely your option.

At British International School, teachers use effective teaching methods. Your child will be taught financial literacy from an early age, learning English with British pronunciation. They will be taught mental arithmetic and an introduction to technology, science and the humanities. Practical lessons in the form of a game, an introduction to the cosmos and the Universe will broaden your child’s horizons. Creative lessons – music and art classes – help develop the imagination, instill a taste for beauty.

Which kindergarten – private or state – your child needs, you decide. The British School, on the other hand, invites children aged 3 to 5, regardless of their English language proficiency, for an interview. We have come and are staying in Ukraine to provide Ukrainian children with a world-renowned British educational programme.

If you want your child to be happy, develop faster, and become a versatile individual, our private Kindergarten at The British International School, Ukraine is the perfect choice.

Our teachers use effective methods to teach English with British pronunciation, and introduce technology, science, and humanities. Through practical and creative lessons, such as games and exploring the Universe, we expand your child’s horizons. Music and art classes foster imagination and an appreciation for beauty.

You decide which kindergarten is best for your child, but at The British International School, Ukraine we welcome children aged 3 to 5 for an interview, regardless of their English proficiency. We are here in Ukraine to provide Ukrainian children with a world-renowned British curriculum.


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