The school at Nivki Primary Campus offers to children in Nursery and Reception a facility of Extended Day. It runs from 3pm until 6pm throughout the year and children are given the opportunity to extend their learning in Ukrainian, further their socialisation skills and eat a healthy meal under the guidance of an experienced Ukrainian teacher.

In the extended-day group, lessons are conducted by Ms. Olena Karpenko in the Ukrainian language according to the pre-school education program “I am in the World”, which is approved by the Ministry of Education of Ukraine.

According to the program, children gain knowledge of Maths, learning elements of Literacy (carry out sound analysis of the words, learn the Ukrainian alphabet, learn to read).

Also Olena Karpenko conducts mini-lessons in individual and group work with the expansion of knowledge about the native land and nature. She teaches children about their surroundings outside of the city such as the countryside and encourages them to think about how they should treat the environment. It creates the conditions for the identity of the child in the collective.

Visual activities include classes in painting, application and design of paper (origami) and natural material. The teacher also uses word games, board games and role play with the children.

Children are provided with dinner by the kitchen.

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