BISU Student Competition Winners

13 Mar 2019

BISU Student Competition Winners

13 Mar 2019

On February 22nd the second stage of the All-Ukrainian students’ research competition at the Small Academy of Sciences took place.

The opportunity to participate in the events of the Small Academy is a real chance to take the first steps in research practice and to participate in challenging events.

Students of the British International School, participating for the first time took part in a number of creative projects and achieved considerable success.

The BISU team was represented by:

  • Batra Sofia (Y11 )
  • Nikolaenko Vlada (Y11)
  • Asadcha Arina (Y8)
  • Barsuk Andrey (Y8)
  • Sergeeva Alexandra (Y8)
  • Sukhomlin Daniel (Y8)
  • Pavlovsky Pavel (Y9)

Head of creative projects: Elena Vladimirovna Bazarnaya, teacher of Ukrainian Language and Literature at BISU.

Curator: Olga Yuryevna Sukhomlin, Head of the Department of Public Communications at the Small Academy of Science.

Two media projects were presented to the ‘demanding’ jury:

  • ‘Preparing and conducting  interviews with the Directors of the Ukrainian and International programmes (Elena Tovkun, Pauline Westwood) at BISU’
  • ‘Creation of Ukrainian-language content for Instagram’

Developing the projects helped our students show their creative and communication skills, improve their teamwork competencies, test their aptitude as journalists, master the basics of journalism and deepen their knowledge of the Ukrainian and English languages.

The jury appreciated the work of young journalists who presented their work in a professional manner and very accurately and competently answered all the questions they were posed.

Students were awarded certificates and gifts.

These achievements would not have been possible without the help and support of our teachers which included Pauline Westwood, Elena Tovkun, Galina Savva, Natalia Kravchenko.

As members of the Small Academy, our team has set itself the target of securing even bigger and better achievements.

Note: The Kiev Small Academy of Sciences is a part of the National Small Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. It is an institution dedicated to extracurricular education. Its mission is to search for and support bright students in Kiev and also engage them in research activity to further successfully form the powerful scientific potential of the capital. Students of the Small Academy are the future scientific and political elite of Ukraine (based on materials). 

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