BISU Success Stories

28 Feb 2020

BISU Success Stories

28 Feb 2020

BISU offers the National Curriculum for England, IB and the Ukrainian programmes – which has proven to be the perfect combination to gain entry to prestigious schools in the UK.

We are very proud that one of our Year 10 students, having studied at BISU since Nursery, has been accepted by one of the top 100 IB schools in Great Britain. This is an incredible result!

She successfully passed all exams and was accepted to 5 of the highest-ranking British schools. The establishment of her choice is in the heart of Cambridge and boasts a pass rate average of 40.4 IB points out of a maximum of 45. Her application was so strong that she was awarded a scholarship and the opportunity to study, in English, with students from the UK and around the world.

Maths and Business Studies are her two preferred subjects. Her education at BISU gave a solid background for success although she confesses that doing a substantial amount of home learning for both the British and Ukrainian programmes at BISU is pretty challenging.

She has an ambitious plan to continue her education in Britain before entering an Ivy League University to study Economics and Business Management. “I want to start my business while studying at university. It is my plan. Not working for anybody…working for myself, creating my own business. I think this will be something linked with restaurants or hotels. It is interesting to me. Maybe products…but it depends.”

When asked who inspires her most she said, “My parents. If I didn’t achieve something they wanted me to, they were completely fine with it. That gives me inspiration because I understand that I’m not going to be in trouble for trying. Whilst my main inspiration is my parents, there are also some outstanding business minds. For instance, Bill Gates, he is really successful in his business career. Oprah Winfrey as a businesswoman. The creators of Apple, because they know how to design and make a product as good as it is now.”

What would you like to say to your teachers? Any thoughts you`d like to share?

Thank you for the opportunity. I would not be able to go to England to study if I had not been here in the first place. This is the opportunity that BISU gave me.

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