BISU Year 2 students’ visit to Oceanarium

25 Mar 2019

BISU Year 2 students’ visit to Oceanarium

25 Mar 2019

Kiev oceanarium “MORSKAYA SKAZKA” first opened its doors in Autumn 2012 giving visitors a unique chance to experience a ‘living museum’ with living sea creatures…the inhabitants of the seas and oceans from all over the world.

Our students entered the first gallery to see a coral complex where real underwater ‘forests’ grow in the 6-meter aquarium. The coral polyps (tiny, soft-bodied organisms) share their home with a variety of fish including the poisonous pufferfish and the blue surgeonfish.

The next hall focused on the habitats of the Amazon Basin and our children learnt about the animals that are native to this environment including the 1.5-meter crocodile, piranhas, spotted eagle rays and stingrays. The students could not resist giggling as the rays slapped their fins along the walls of the tank sending splashes water into the air.

Next, the students entered the tunnel located at a depth of 2 meters underwater where they could admire the marine life through the 8cm thick acrylic glass. They studied the turtles and how they lay their eggs on beaches. They were horrified to discover that the turtles are an endangered species.

In the final gallery, there was the opportunity to see more unique creatures including acropora corals, moon jellyfish, moray eels and more than 20 species of clownfish. Students asked their guide questions about the sea urchins and laced moray eels and discovered more about their habitats. Then they stared in awe as the black tipped reef sharks glided majestically through their watery world.

An excellent and enjoyable visit which has given our students a chance to support the research taking place in the classroom and learn more about these fascinating sea creatures and life beneath the waves.

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