Fantastic 4015 hrv raised – BISU Students Support Red Cross Mission

10 Apr 2019

Fantastic 4015 hrv raised – BISU Students Support Red Cross Mission

10 Apr 2019

The international Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement is an international humanitarian movement with approximately 17 million volunteers, members and staff worldwide. It. was founded to protect human life and health, to ensure respect for all human beings, and to prevent and alleviate human suffering.

One of our BISU Y6 students came up with an idea on how students can demonstrate their support, as part of his preparatory work for the Year 6 PYP Exhibition at Nivki. April 5th was announced a non-uniform day, so everyone had a chance to show his/her support for the Red Cross by wearing red & white colours and making a donation.

The Project Leader answers questions about his initiative:

Q: Hi, nice to meet you! How did you come up with this idea?
A: I know many people are suffering, and the Red Cross is helping them all over the world. I thought we could join and help with what we can. The Red Cross is like a hospital which visits different countries to help people, so we could donate money for them.

Q: Are you doing this project alone?
A: Yes.

Q: Tell us how your initiative was accepted in school?
A: I met several times with Mr Cole, our Principal, to discuss it. We discussed the idea, how it can be executed, he asked me some questions and we discussed the project as a whole.

Q: So, what were students supposed to do on April 5th?
A: They were to wear red and white clothes because these are the Red Cross colours – the colours of its logo.

Q: Maybe you have other ideas and plans for future events?
A: Not at the moment, but I would definitely like to have this project every year, and I would also like to create a team for this.

This time 4015 hrv was raised – it is a credit to the students of our school that they are thinking about other people. They understand some do not have good living conditions or caring people around them and are willing to take action to bring about change.

Note: Established in 1863, the ICRC operates worldwide, helping people affected by conflict and armed violence and promoting the laws that protect victims of war. An independent and neutral organization, its mandate stems essentially from the Geneva Conventions of 1949. Based in Geneva, Switzerland employs some 16,000 people in more than 80 countries. The ICRC is funded mainly by voluntary donations from governments and from National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (based on ICRC).


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