First School Day Arrangements

25 Aug 2017

First School Day Arrangements

25 Aug 2017

As the new academic year approaches the staff team is busy making arrangements for the start of term on 28th August and are looking forward to welcoming you to school.

Our returning teachers have been joined by new colleagues. They have all made a commitment to the school and its community. Each brings his/her talents, skills, experience and the energy and motivation to do well.

We are always happy to receive your feedback and ideas on how we can further improve our school. Based upon comments from students, parents and staff the following procedures are being introduced to enable us to better meet your needs:

Class Lists
For your convenience, class lists will be available for viewing at our school from 2pm Friday 25th August. We can confirm that last year’s Year 6 remain in the same classes as they move to Year 7.

Start of the school day
On 28th August, all pupils should be at school for 8:45am. As you know, punctuality is important as it teaches our children an important life skill and represents respect for teachers and other students.

• Staff will be available outside to advise on class allocation and classroom location.
• Please look for the sign showing your child’s class number.
• Nursery, Reception, Years 1, 3 will enter through our Early Years/Lower Primary Entrance.
• Years 2, 4, 5, 6 will enter through the Main School Entrance according to the new class rooms.
• All Secondary students will go to the Assembly Hall to meet their Form Tutor.

We realise that this is a very special day for students and parents and therefore, on this occasion, please accompany your child to the classroom if you feel he/she will benefit from being escorted and then given into the teacher’s care. We would politely ask that you leave by 9.15 am to allow learning to begin.

End of the school day
● Early year groups (Nursery and Reception) finish their lessons at 3.00 pm.
● Year 1 – Year 6 finish school and should be collected at 3.30pm.
● Secondary and IBDP Students finish at 3.45 and may leave the school grounds if they have parental permission.

Extended Day Group
For children in Primary school the Extended Day Group is available and offers a childcare service until 6pm. Details on how to apply and costs are available from our Reception Desk. After-School Activities (Curriculum Option Lessons)

Please note. As in previous years after-school activities (Curriculum Option Lessons) will begin after the first school week. Your child will receive information on what activities are available and how to register.

Student ID Cards
Having listened to the comments of students, parents and staff the use of cards will be discontinued until, in the future, we introduce an electronic library system.

The exception will be for pupils with parental permission to leave school unaccompanied. Parents are requested to fill an application of permission available from our reception. For Health and Safety reasons a student with permission will be required by security to show an ID badge when leaving school.

This change relating to student ID badges means it is vitally important that parents and carers wear their ID badge at all times on school grounds. Parents of re-registered students can use ID badges from last year. Parents of new students will receive them during the first school week.

From the very beginning of the academic year to maintain communication between the school and parents we are going to publish current news on the updated school website. In addition, regular updates on your child’s class will be provided through on-line blogs and school publications.

As part of the BISU family we would like to thank you all for your support and cooperation and look forward to continuing to develop a positive and very successful home-school partnership.

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