Football friendies: BISU, KIS and PIS

9 Oct 2018

Football friendies: BISU, KIS and PIS

9 Oct 2018

On October 2, a football friendies were organized at Kiev International School stadium between teams of two schools – BISU and KIS. It was the second game before tournament, which will take place after holidays.

The first match between BISU and PIS won BISU team with a score 5:3.

This time BISU and KIS teams took the playing field.

BISU team squad:

Pechersk Campus:

  • Kozyrytsky Arseny
  • Lakey Daniil
  • Goroyan David
  • Chernyshov Mikhail
  • Zolochevsky Anton (goalkeeper)

Nivki campus:

  • Minenko Vladislav
  • Sokolovsky Roman
  • Bwese Sunsuwa
  • Kindiev Alexandr
  • Isah .A. Ismail
  • Tamrazov Artem
  • Pavlovsky Pavlo

Throughout the game both teams demonstrated remarkable athletic tenacity but in the end – 5:3 for KIS team.

Todd Marshall, physical training teacher: “For the first time this year we formed a team of students from different campuses, they played well and I think had a good time.”
According to coach Alexander Maximov, the friendly match was at a very high level: the players were determined, both teams had interesting technical solutions. The match was organized so that the maximum number of players could take the field.

“I want to mention the game of goalkeepers and forwards, who scored three points against the opponent,” said BISU coach Dmitry Gera.

It is good experience that will bring new memories and discussions. A friendly match is good for tactics development, teamwork, games run-through and standard combinations test, checking the candidates for the team, determining the team squad for tournament.

Bright memories last long!

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