How to choose a good nursery for your child

18 Oct 2018

How to choose a good nursery for your child

18 Oct 2018

A quick glance at Nivki Early Years & Lower Primary School

What kind of kindergarten to choose for a child, so he/she would be good there? A one near the house? Or another one – newly repaired with a new playground?

How often, when choosing a kindergarten, do we think about secondary things and miss what is really important – a good nursery is the one where the child is treated as a person and is able to develop. This should be a place where the children learn through experiencing and playing.

Want to choose a good nursery – get acquainted with the staff, because choosing a teacher is as important as choosing a kindergarten. This person spends even more time with your child than you, and you need to be sure that she/he forms a bond with a baby.

The Kiev campus of Nivki Early Years & Lower Primary (part of British International School in Ukraine) takes children from 3 years old. Children learn the IB Primary Years Program, the main objective of which is to help them develop as internationally minded young people.

Asking simple questions and observing the behavior of teachers one can understand a lot about how children are treated and how they feel here.

Visit this oasis of light, sun and kindness. Here you will always get a comprehensive answers to the main questions:

  • How many children are in groups?
  • What does snack and lunch time look like?
  • What is the positive behavior policy?

Plunge yourself into the atmosphere of love, comfort and children’s joy. A spacious verdant campus with a warm, welcoming and friendly atmosphere, well-established and comfortable life, the joy of companionship with peers and teachers – all this is difficult to overestimate.

You will definitely want to stay!

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