IGCSE Planning for Study and Preparing for Examinations

19 Jan 2018

IGCSE Planning for Study and Preparing for Examinations

19 Jan 2018

On Wednesday, 17 January, Mr. James Costain, Head of School, Pechersk Campus, held an information evening for Year 11 students and their parents. The focus of the presentation was preparation for IGCSE examinations. Mr. Costain provided an explanation of how parents and students may understand the IGCSE courses and the examinations for each subject, as well as the specific knowledge and skills content for each subject.

Below is an overview of the recommended approaches to both study and to examination preparation for students as they approach the examination this summer.

How should I organise my studies

  • Track Progression through Specification / Syllabus
  • Tick off strengths on Specification
  • Focus on working to address weaker areas from Specification.
  • Target turning D grades into C Grades
  • Target turning C grades into secure passes.
  • Do not focus all effort on strongest, favourite subjects.
  • Learn and then Practice Application
  • Use Past Papers, Mark Schemes, Examiners Reports.

How should I prepare for examinations

Examination success means being good at:

  • Subject Knowledge: Knowing the right information.
  • Subject-Specific Vocabulary: Knowing the right words to express knowledge and understanding.
  • Understanding how to apply your knowledge.
  • Reading Exam Questions Accurately (Practice Past Exam Papers)
  • Knowing how to express yourself in response to a question to get as many marks as possible (Practice Past Exam Papers, and use mark schemes)
  • Knowing what the examiner wants from students in an exam (Practice Past Exam Papers, use mark schemes, read examiner’s reports)
  • Exam Strategy:   Do the questions you definitely can, then the questions you think you maybe can, then try the questions you don’t think you can.

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