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Students Take Part in the International Poetry Competition

Seven poems written by the British International School Ukraine students from Year 5-11 have been entered into the prestigious international poetry competition organised annually by the Council of British International School (COBIS). For 2018, the theme for the COBIS poetry competition is “Through a Looking Glass”.

Schools around the world can submit three entries in each category:

  • Category A: 10 yrs and under
  • Category B: 11-14 yrs
  • Category C: 15-19 yrs

As a leading global educational association COBIS coordinates and delivers a growing number of inter-school student competitions, awards and activities. Celebrating student achievement and success is a key feature of COBIS membership and all these competitions, awards and activities are designed for the benefit of students across the global COBIS network.

The results of the competition will be announced in early March.

Below are the poems written by the British International School Ukraine students that have been accepted into the competition.

Belarus Nature – Pines

I am looking through a window in my native Belarus,
The pine forest and the sunrise makes me feel so good!

Winter snow cups make it magical,
and I dream of flying away.

In the midnight, the sky is black,
and Pleiades bring me back!

Back to home, back to mum…
While the pines make noise so calm.

I’m looking through the window,
whilst I softly fall asleep.

Through a Looking Glass
Through the looking glass I see,
A whole new world looking at me.
Dinosaurs galloping on the glass,
They were never extinct,
That was the past.
The sky is as blue
As the sea down below it.
And a sheep is as fluffy
As the clouds up above it
The sun’s rays are bright
The weather’s just right
No tsunamis, no earthquakes,
No cyclones, no fires.
All is peaceful,
All is perfect
Not just like the past.
This couldn’t get better.
A perfect world at last!

Looking Through a Glass
Looking through a glass
we’re looking out of cars.
And trees and houses flying
near us
and the windscreen is rainy, crying
to discuss
all our feelings, dreams and bothers.
And our blue hearts abandon
all red borders.
We are looking through a special lens.
It shows us a world’s new generation dance.
But all the troubles are the same.
Flying cars and trees,
passing years and tears,
but only games remain.

Through a Looking Glass
It was a cold, winter night,
The snow-storm’s flakes were curling up and down in dances,
Chasing each other, around the lonely house,
In the forest’s depths.
One dimming light was coming from a small loft.
An old man was watching the night’s sky
Through the lenses of his telescope.
The moon was right above him,
Uncovering the treetops.
The Man watched stars going infinitely around and around,
building up
and stories…

Through a Looking Glass        
I look in the mirror, and see my reflection
Of me, how I look, in the mirror
One moment passes, two
But then
Something strange happens,
Marilyn Monroe
Stands behind me.

Then my reflection fades
Completely vanishes
Like gas
And Marilyn
Comes forward
And poses
She vanishes, a few moments later
Leaving nothing
But her scent.

Through a Looking Glass
I stand on the bathroom’s freezing floor
My eyes are shut, I can’t be bold
Reflections show all I can’t see
I hate this junk in front of me.
I’ve tried so hard to love and grasp
To see the beauty, not the mask
Eyes are still shut, I’ll wait till dusk
When sun goes down and darkness lasts.
Why can’t I live like all my friends?
I hate my blood, I hate my veins
All particles inside of me are sickening, how can’t they be?
Reflection’s right, why do I live? When all I see ’s this ugly beast..

Dear Harry
The smell of fresh air ran in the room.
I opened my eyes and checked my email,
The usual comments and usual news.
The insect of light jumped on my hand,
My dusty old mirror, what do you know?
Oh, Harry Potter!
You have not changed.
Same glasses and a good old scar,
The same scar that has butchered my heart.
From when you, dear daddy, had told me the truth.
The ugly truth about your secret wish.
If only I were a boy.
Would you see me then?
Oh, my dearest mirror!
You are a true reflection of my broken self.
And the heartbreaking truth that only the mirror can see.




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