Zero Waste to the Scrapyard!

22 May 2019

Zero Waste to the Scrapyard!

22 May 2019

BISU Students Join No Waste Ukraine project

Our goal is zero waste to the scrapyard!

BISU students go for a more responsible way of dealing with waste than the dumping of garbage in the environment. As part of their 5th unit of inquiry, Year 3 students are learning about how their personal choices can impact the environment. A large part of this unit is the three Rsreduce, reuse and recycle.

On Wednesday, May 15th students in Year 3 attended a presentation about recycling in Kiev by a representative from No Waste Ukraine. The next day students had the opportunity to visit one of the four No Waste Ukraine Recycling Centres in Kyiv. They sorted and recycled trash they had collected. It was a fantastic hands-on opportunity for students to be an active part of the recycling community.

Here’s what students had to say about the visit:
“I like to put different trash to right places.” – Ethan
“I like to sort out the trash in the right bin.” – Petra
“I could take paper in the different bins.” – Mariam
“There are more than 30 recycle bins.” – Kyryl M
“My favourite activity was squishing cans because they make a funny sound.” – Tymur
“We put on special jackets and gloves.” – Peter

Scrapyards should go to the past so that our land is home to plants, animals, birds, insects and useful microorganisms – not for toxic compounds and plastics.

We want a clean and safe environment!

Note: to find more about No Waste Ukraine go to

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