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We take care of personal, social and health education of every child

We equip our students with the knowledge and skills necessary to make safe, informed decisions. Using the skills of working in groups, listening to others, and enabling people to have a voice whether orally or in writing the students develop empathy for others and understanding of themselves.
  • Students participate in the governance of the school community through serving on the Student Council
  • Develop their personal styles of leadership
  • Learn to cooperate with others
  • Formulate reasoned arguments
  • Undertake a range of clerical responsibilities
  • Prepare to become active and informed citizens of the International communities they live in



years old

BISU Kindergarten offers offline learning only with a possibility of further external studies. Enrollment takes place after an interview, regardless of their level of English proficiency.


years old

To benefit from our academic programmes, students are expected to have sufficient competency in English.


years old

Children applying for admission to Years 7–13 are required to have a formal interview and take a formal English language test.

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School programme

We offer the world-renowned British Curriculum complemented by an optional Ukrainian programme for local students

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41st COBIS Annual Conference

Congratulations to our partners King’s InterHigh on winning Supporting Associate of the Year Award 2023!



A School Year Amid Ongoing War

A year on from russia’s full-scale military invasion, the spirit and resolve of Ukraine and its people stays unbroken, despite the significant loss of life and destruction of infrastructure. Their firm response to this unprovoked, barbaric aggression is a source of inspiration for many around the world, demonstrating the power of courage, resilience, and commitment to national sovereignty and independence. 




Being a British International School, BISU was set up in Ukraine 25 years ago and BISU continues to stand with Ukraine.


Online Education

1 Verkhohliada Andriia (former Drahomyrova) Str., Kyiv

+38 (044) 596 18 28

+38 (050) 412 48 84

Pechersk Kindergarten

1 Verkhohliada Andriia (former Drahomyrova) Street, Kyiv

+38 (044) 596 18 28

+38 (050) 412 48 84

Pechersk Primary and Secondary School

1 Verkhohliada Andriia (former Drahomyrova) Street, Kyiv

+38 (044) 596 18 28

+38 (050) 412 48 84

Nyvky Kindergarten

45 Danylevycha Vasylia Street (former Tolbukhina), Kyiv

+38 (044) 239 21 21

+38 (066) 303 75 78

Nyvky Primary and Secondary School

45 Danylevycha Vasylia (former Tolbukhina) Street, Kyiv

+38 (044) 502 39 09

+38 (050) 410 46 44

Dnipro Kindergarten

39a Antonovychа Str., Dnipro

+38 (056) 767 18 28

+38 (050) 458 80 22

Dnipro Primary and Secondary School

39a Antonovychа Str., Dnipro

+38 (056) 767 18 28

+38 (050) 458 80 22

External Education

1 Verkhohliada Andriia (former Drahomyrova) Street, Kyiv

+38 (044) 596 18 28

+38 (050) 412 48 84

COVID-19 restrictions have had a significant impact on the education system worldwide, leading to a rapid transition to e-learning and online educationEducational centers and schools have created platforms to maintain contact with students, and it has become more common for parents to inquire about the cost of studying remotely. The British International School offers online learning options. To learn more about tuition fees,  please contact the  = Front Desk by phone or visit the school in Kyiv and Dnipro.

Distance learning but has been around for many decades.. Transfer of knowledge has a long history, the second half of the 19th century saw significant advancements in communication technology. In Britain, Isaac Pittman began to teach shorthand through correspondence courses, , later educational institutions also began to offer distance learning. As technology has advanced over the past century, the forms and varieties of communication have multiplied and diversified significantly.. The internet makes it easier for people to access educational materials. Online courses can include a wide range of multimedia elements such as video lessons, live broadcasts, interactive tests, and teleconferences,  Online learning has indeed experienced a surge in popularity over the past five years. In Kyiv, it  became the most in-demand option in recent times.

Distance learning at the British International School

Distance learning has become an increasingly popular alternative to traditional forms of education.Such lessons are an integral part of the educational process. Desire, internet access, and a device such as a phone, tablet, or laptop are important components for implementing distance learning. The British International School, Ukraine offers online learning for children aged 6 to 18 years. Students follow the National Curriculum of England as well as the Ukrainian curriculum approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. Students study to earn a Cambridge IGCSE certificate, an IB diploma or A-level qualifications and a Ukrainian state-standard certificate of basic and complete secondary education.

The external form of education allows children to study independently with the support of teachers and tutors at the school. The interaction between a teacher and a student is facilitated by means of Internet technologies s. the cost of external education can be lower than traditional education because it does not require as many physical resources such as classroom space, utilities, and supplies.

External education is relevant in a variety of cases, such as:

  • the student stays abroad due to the war, but plans to return to Ukraine;
  • the family travels a lot, but wants to ensure that their children’s education is not interrupted; 
  • parents want to educate their children independently;
  • the student has special educational needs;
  • the child has the ability to learn more quickly and can pass multiple grades in a year.

The Council of British International Schools (COBIS) has compiled a list of standards for more than 450 schools and organizations around the world. Teaching according to their requirements means that our students receive the same quality education as students in private schools in the UK.

What is the difference between online and face-to-face learning?

Online learning refers to any type of learning that is delivered using digital technology, typically over the internet. Online learning can take many forms, including synchronous (live) learning, asynchronous learning (accessing pre-recorded materials), and mixed learning (a combination of both synchronous and asynchronous learning).

There are several formats for transmitting information from tutors to students in online learning. Some of the most common formats include:

  • Chat sessions that involve synchronous communication, where all participants are actively engaged in the conversation at the same time. 
  • Web-based classes. Lessons, conferences, business games, webinars, workshops via telecommunications that take place via telecommunications. The teacher sees the students directly and communicates with them.
  • Audio materials. Lectures, books.
  • Animation. Playful teaching methods that are appropriate for different age groups 
  • Visual material. This includes infographics, mind maps, slides.

With the synchronous form of distance education in Kyiv, students can participate in classes in real-time, regardless of their physical location. They can attend classes remotely and interact with their classmates and teachers just as they would in a regular classroom setting Online learning can offer a flexible schedule, and students can typically determine their own study times.

Distance learning in Dnipro or the capital of Ukraine adheres to the same standards and norms. The result is identical, with interest and motivation being important factors in the student’s success. Experts have identified both advantages and disadvantages of online classes, and these factors are taken into account by methodologists when designing educational programs for distance learning.

There are several benefits of online learning:

  • Resource savings;
  • accessibility;
  • individual approach;
  • flexible schedule;
  • continuity of education;
  • assimilation of new technologies;
  • absence of stress.

Disadvantages  of remote learning include:

  • possible technical problems;
  • “live” communication is more charismatic;
  • the need for self-discipline and motivation;
  • dependence on gadgets.

The effectiveness of distance education can depend on several factors, including the prioritisation of work and the selection of appropriate forms of classes based on the age and goals of the student.

How do I transfer to distance education?

For students who are already enrolled in the British International School, it is important to communicate with the class supervisor to discuss the process of transferring to a distance form of education. For new applicants to the school, it is necessary to  submit a request by filling out the relevant application form. The administrators will contact you by phone or email to inform you about the training options available.

Advantages of studying at British International School online

Statistics, international reputation, and positive alumni feedback can provide important insights into the effectiveness of teaching methods used at our school. While distance learning in our Kyiv school retains many of the principles and ways of traditional study, it also offers some unique advantages, such as  flexibility, greater clarity and relevance of tasks and material. The well-balanced programme is designed to meet the needs of each child individually and help them reveal their talents. Providing the same level of knowledge and training to students, regardless of whether they attend classes in person or remotely, is a great way to ensure that all students have equal opportunities to learn and develop their skills..

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