The Curriculum in Primary, for our 7 to 11 year olds, builds upon the Early Years programme and ensures that students continue to develop from an early age the essential literacy and numeracy skills they need to learn.

As a key part of an British International School, Primary delivers a learning and teaching programme of the highest quality using the National Curriculum for England (British Curriculum). This is used by the majority of schools in England and by prestigious British International Schools throughout the world.

BISU provides memorable experiences and rich opportunities for high-quality learning and wider personal development and well-being. The curriculum is broad, balanced and customised to meet the changing needs of individuals and groups. High-quality cross-curricular provision, including English, Mathematics, Science, Art, History, Geography, Music, Physical Education, Computing and a choice of Modern Foreign Languages provides deeper and richer learning opportunities to support progression and raise achievement. The international programme is complemented by the option, from Year 2 students study the Ukrainian Programme and prepare to take the exams for Ukrainian Atestat.

Each and every child has the opportunity to enjoy success and to benefit from a learning environment which promotes outstanding results.

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