Assessment & results

Assessment & results

At Key Stage 3 assessment for each year group is completed according to the English National Curriculum Assessment Guidelines for Years 7, 8 & 9. Year 9 students sit Checkpoint Examinations (for core subjects) during the month of April.

Assessment for Key Stage 4 is completed in accordance with Cambridge IGCSE Assessment guidelines. IGCSE Examinations for Year 11 students begin in May of each year.

Assessment for IB Diploma is completed in accordance with the IBO, that uses both internally and externally assessed components to assess student performance.

For most courses, written examinations at the end of the DP form the basis of the assessment. This is because these examinations have high levels of objectivity and reliability. Externally assessed coursework, completed by students over an extended period under authenticated teacher supervision, forms part of the assessment for several programme areas, including the theory of knowledge essay and the extended essay. In most subjects, students also complete in-school assessment tasks. These are either externally assessed or marked by teachers and then moderated by the IB.

All units of work are assessed by subject teachers on a continuous basis throughout the year. Furthermore, at the end of each term an end of unit examination or assessment will be set for each subject area. Students will also sit an end of year examination covering curriculum areas.

Formative assessment is interwoven with the daily learning and helps teachers and children find out what the children already know in order to plan for the next stage of learning. Formative assessment and teaching are directly linked; neither can function effectively or purposefully without the other.

Summative assessment takes place at the end of the teaching and learning processes and gives the students opportunities to demonstrate what has been learned. Summative assessments may include any of the following: acquisition of data, synthesis of information, and application of knowledge and processes.

British International School in Ukraine believes that for effective learning to occur, students should be partners in the assessment and evaluation of their progress.

Student progress reports are distributed at the end of the first term in December and at the end of the third term in June. These reports are outcomes based written reports for each subject with a comment, which provides a summation of progress throughout the year.

Parents will also receive a mid-term report half way through each term, providing a snapshot of the current levels students are working towards in each subject area.

Parents may also request an appointment at any time throughout the year to meet the form tutor or subject teacher to discuss their child’s progress.

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