Vision, Mission and Values

Vision, Mission and Values

(Eng) Vision:  To be a centre of excellence.

(Eng) Mission: As a prestigious British International School to promote, develop and celebrate achievement.


Англійська мова

(Eng) We respect ourselves and others. We smile and project positivity. We are attentive to students at all times. We are courteous, caring and respectful. We are not afraid to make mistakes and learn from them. We are proud to be part of the BISU community. We are fully aware that we represent BISU at all times We remember to be excellent role models. We care for the planet.

Міжнародний світогляд

(Eng) We have clear challenging goals and work to attain them. We acknowledge, recognise and appreciate achievement. We are proactive. We manage expectations. We believe every lesson is important. We take initiative to improve our performance. We believe everyone’s actions affect BISU’s performance.


(Eng) We cultivate mutual respect between all at BISU, recognising everyone is important. We respect a variety of opinions, beliefs, and values. We appreciate and respect our parent body and value their trust.

Навчальна програма

(Eng) We love what we do. We are responsible for our actions and the results. We accept challenges. We reflect on our performance and constantly improve. We are responsible for meeting every student’s learning needs.

Суспільство / Середовище

(Eng) BISU provides an ongoing learning process for staff, students and parents. We facilitate learning and discovery. We foster critical thinking problem-solving and collaboration. We continuously develop our knowledge and skills. Our job is not to ‘fill the vessel’, but to ‘light the fire’. We promote learning through inquiry. We analyse our actions and make conclusions in order to progress.

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