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The British International School Ukraine (BISU) is a registered Cambridge International School. Established in 1997, The British International School Ukraine has grown to become a family of 3 campuses in 2 cities offering high quality education to local and international students aged 3 — 18. We are a proud member of the COBIS and Black Sea Schools Group.


Our vision is to be a centre of excellence. The British International School Ukraine is widely accepted as the country’s most prestigious international school. Our priorities are the care and wellbeing of each child, provision of the highest standards of learning and teaching, service to the parents and support for the BISU community.

BISU is an inclusive international community which promotes learning for life. The school has established a strong reputation as a friendly and caring environment with a commitment to quality. BISU focuses upon achievement, high academic attainment and a curriculum that is broad, balanced and designed to meet a child’s individual needs.

Discover the Joy
of Learning at BISU

Selection of British and Ukrainian Curricula

Selection of British and Ukrainian Curricula

With A level, International Baccalaureate, and IGCSE diplomas, and a winning selection of Ukrainian and British curricula, your child truly benefits from the best of both worlds

Positive, Expert, and Experienced Teachers

Positive, Expert, and Experienced Teachers

Our multi-national team of teachers, most of whom come from the United Kingdom, is committed to nurturing talent, providing care, and developing your child’s love of learning

Building Pathways to the Best Universities

Building Pathways to the Best Universities

By encouraging ambition and achieving top results, we open the doors to the best universities where your child’s future successes are assured

Equipping Children with 21st Century Skills

Equipping Children with 21st Century Skills

We help make your child future-ready and happy by teaching vital life skills such as responsibility, critical thinking, communication, creativity, problem-solving, cultural tolerance and open mindedness


BISU is proud to share with you some feedback from our students, alumni and their parents.

Elena Yakubenko .

BISU parent

I want to express the most warm and sincere words. I owe you a debt of gratitude for the welcoming, caring and motivational atmosphere you have created at school, for confident, awesome and talented teachers. Of course, it is your merit & great achievement!
Thank you.

Rafeek Kadir .

BISU student

I am really proud of my achievements after getting my grades. I want to thank all of you for everything you have done. I really do appreciate the hard work and care from all the teachers in BISU.

Dr. Kabir .

BISU parent

Many thanks for your support, leadership, counselling, mentoring, and coaching you gave to my son and all the students in the British School. All these things have really helped to shape him up and made him succeed in his exams. My thanks to all the teachers in BISU for their expertise. My best wishes and warmest regards!

Gary Chisholm .

BISU teacher

I feel privileged to have come from England to teach in such an amazing school.

Tamara Dombrovskaya .

BISU Parent

An excellent level of study, the teachers are competent. My child goes to school with pleasure.

Ekaterina Shcherbachenko .

BISU Parent

An amazing school! The teachers are professionals in their field. Democracy and respect for children prevail in the school. Education at the highest level!

Karl Stephen .

BISU Parent

My kids absolutely love it here. The lessons, extracurricular activities, plenty of exhibitions and showcases prepared by kids. The sports part is also fantastic. My boys are now crazy about the bench ball game they played at school and won the tournament. I love how parents are guided here about the assessment and reporting systems. The front desk work is really fantastic even during busy hours. I really appreciate the great work done by the team and want to thank them for the enthusiasm and creativity.

Daren Johnson .

BISU Parent

The education is really good. The teachers are kind, smart and professional. They are always there and willing to help if there is anything that you need. Security is great.

Marina Marko .

BISU Parent

Having studied here for several years, there have been no complaints. Great attitude to the child, the teachers are very attentive and give a high level of knowledge. I can rest easy knowing that my baby is safe. Very convenient location of the school. We haven’t seen any critical disadvantages.

Chad Perry  .

BISU Parent

It's a really good school, especially the IB programme. It provides an opportunity for serious students to challenge themselves. The teachers here do a great job focusing on each student individually, while teaching the class together.

Dmitro .

BISU Parent

BISU is a place where children are given real and essential skills. They learn to be independent, to expand their horizons, and to communicate with those from different cultures and nations, while constantly developing themselves. The school teaches the younger generation to have a positive attitude towards themselves, gives students motivation, and guides them to achieving their goals. The staff are attentive and professional. Our family is very satisfied.

Arina Asadcha .

BISU student

The war in Ukraine forced my family to move to the UK. I am immensely grateful to you for staying with the school for eight years. I express great respect to you for the efforts you have made to make international and Ukrainian curricula the leading programmes in Ukraine. You have been able to make this school a safe place to study and create many opportunities for my future. I received unforgettable support and help. Studying at BISU is an honour, without this school, I would not be the person I am now.

About Us


Welcome from BISU Leadership

We welcome children and young people from all over the world and our vibrant community is the very heart and spirit of the school.

A commitment to tradition fused with an international outlook and engagement with innovation creates a learning environment as unique as our BISU students.


Success Stories

Paulina Golub

Paulina graduated from BISU in 2022. She was an outstanding student and the school’s Head girl, dedicated to her studies. She achieved the highest International Baccalaureate points in her year group and worked hard to earn the Dux Litterarum award. Paulina is hoping to study Geography/Environmental Science at a UK university.


of our graduates

were accepted to TOP-200 World Universities


of our graduates

entered universities in Great Britain


of our graduates

were accepted by their first-choice universities


Nivki Early Years and Lower Primary School

45 Tolbukhina Str., Kyiv

+38 (044) 239 21 21

+38 (066) 303 75 78

Nivki Upper Primary and Secondary School

45 Tolbukhina Str., Kyiv

+38 (044) 502 39 09

+38 (050) 410 46 44

Pechersk Early Years, Primary and Secondary School

1 Dragomyrova Str., Kyiv

+38 (044) 596 18 28

+38 (050) 412 48 84

Dnipro Early Years, Primary and Secondary School

39a Antonovychа Str., Dnipro

+38 (056) 767 18 28

+38 (050) 458 80 22

The British International School Ukraine provides high quality education that paves a path to future success  

School is the most important stage in a child’s life. It motivates a child to consider pursuing higher education and aspiring for a prestigious job. A present-day British school is the place where students can make their dreams come true. 

A modern approach to learning, wholesome development, an international certificate enabling students to enter the world’s best universities – these are just a few benefits of a British-based education. The most crucial thing is to find a school that combines all the above aspects.  

What makes The British International School Ukraine so popular?  

English language aptitude works as one of the important determining factors to get advantages in Ukraine’s employment market. If you look for a job abroad, then you need to have a good command of English in order to pass complicated international exams. 

Of course, English is taught in an ordinary school, but this level leaves much to be desired. You should make an extra effort to achieve your goal. 

However, it is a waste of time, whereas at a British private school you will immediately be immersed in an English speaking environment and start speaking proper English without wasting all these years.  

Good English language skills are not the only reason why British schools in Ukraine are in such high demand. They offer many other benefits such as:  

  • an opportunity to receive an international diploma and access to the best universities around the world;  
  • a holistic approach to child development, which will help your child reach his/her full potential; 
  • a modern approach to teaching. 

However, The British International School Ukraine goes far beyond. Its unique atmosphere inspires children to reveal all their talents and achieve significant academic success.  

How to choose a good English private school?  

Today, there are plenty of schools with a strong focus on English. If you want to give your child the best start in life, you need to carefully choose an educational institution. 

  • Education system. You need to find out what programmes are offered by a school and how students are prepared for university. Does a school provide IB Diploma or A level? It is great if a school additionally enables students to obtain a Ukrainian certificate.  
  • What is the right age to apply for a school? It is highly beneficial, if a private English school welcomes children of different ages. No secret that children should start learning a foreign language as soon as possible, and 3-year-old kids are capable of quickly “absorbing” the language. However, learning English is never too late before one turns 18.  
  • Who gets enrolled? Many believe that a private English school is designed only for locals. This stereotype is being dispelled with the paid schools becoming international and open for students from different countries.  
  • General approach. English-speaking schools provide well-balanced programmes to help students acquire both academic knowledge and practical skills required for a future career.  
  • Teaching Staff.  At a respectful English-centred school, teachers are fully qualified and speak English as a first language. Thus, students can fully immerse themselves in the English language.    

In addition, when choosing a private school, learn more about its location and safety. A school must offer the best conditions for your child. 

How to select between prestigious schools?  

English private schools are quite popular in Ukraine, so you can find the best option for your child. Please carefully consider every aspect. And your decision should not be dictated by a price only.  The British International School Ukraine is a perfect choice for your child.  The school is a member of COBIS and the Black Sea Schools Group. The list of benefits also includes:  

  • a family of 3 campuses in 2 cities – Kyiv and Dnipro   
  • high quality education for  local and international students aged 3 — 18
  • the National Curriculum for England complemented by Cambridge IGCSE and A level, as well as the IB Diploma (IBDP). Local students may also choose to take advantage of the opportunity to study for national qualifications.  

An original English school is the first step to success. 

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